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Volume XXIII, Number 16

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Another subdivision exempted from Interim Zoning

By Michael Howell

The County Commissioners approved the One Horse Estates subdivision near Florence on Tuesday, November 6. The 77-lot subdivision on 62.69 acres does not meet the minimum one dwelling per two acres Interim Zoning restriction but received special consideration due to a lawsuit settlement agreement the County made with several other developers. According to county planners, One Horse Estates was not a part of the lawsuit, but the developer, Dick Martin, was given the same opportunity to apply for approval under the terms of the settlement agreement because his subdivision proposal fit the same circumstances and time frame as the ones that were. More...

About 40 community firefighters from Three Mile, Stevensville, Corvallis, Pinesdale and Victor had the opportunity to fight live fire in a contolled atmosphere on Sunday. The Victor Fire Department worked for about six months with landowner Dave Smith to prepare three structures for the controlled burn on the southwest edge of Victor. One building was an old farm house, another an outbuilding and the third, a house that had partially burned about 25 years ago. Each building had to have the asbestos and any other toxic materials removed and be certifited before the burn could proceed. "This was the live fire training for the year for these departments," said Victor Fire Chief Tom Dobberstein. "We had the chance to practice starting a fire and shutting it down again and again." Opportunities for live burn are few and far between but are a valuable experience for the departments as it allows firefighters to experience a real fire but without property loss. Jean Schurman photo.

County and Forest Service discuss road issues

By Michael Howell

U.S. Forest Service officials have approached the Ravalli County Commissioners asking that the county officially adopt some forest access roads, or certain portions, that also serve a strong county interest such as the West Fork Road, the East Fork Road, Lake Como Road, Nez Perce Road, Roaring Lion Road, Lost Horse Road, and Tin Cup Creek Road. More...

Hughes Creek: Another gated community? - maybe not

By Michael Howell

Bitterroot National Forest officer Kent Miller told the county commissioners last week that developments up Hughes Creek, concerning a locked gate, would probably soon become a concern of theirs, since the county owns the road. More...

County considers Hwy. 93 Transportation Corridor Advisory Committee

By Michael Howell

Ravalli County Commissioners took the first step, last Wednesday, November 14, towards establishment of a Highway 93 Transportation Corridor Advisory Committee. The Commission recently re-affirmed its commitment to previously set priorities which placed efforts at establishing "base-line zoning" first in line, with efforts at transportation corridor zoning, streamside setback zoning, and other efforts taking a back seat. The transportation committee would essentially function along the lines of the Streamside Setback Committee. It would study the issues involved and make recommendations to the commissioners concerning potential zoning restrictions that might be adopted subsequent to adopting the base-line zoning, which is scheduled for completion by November 2008. More...

University expands course offerings in Bitterroot

By Michael Howell

The University of Montana is expanding the number and extent of courses being offered in the Bitterroot Valley through its Hamilton Higher Education Center (HHEC). According to Dr. Frank Laurence, Acting Director for HHEC, there has been a lot of misunderstanding and confusion about the HHEC and its relation to the College of Technology. More...

County officials hear about ground water protection

By Michael Howell

County Commissioners got the lowdown about groundwater in the Bitterroot Valley from an entourage of state agency representatives last week. The presentation was organized and arranged by Kristi Kline, a source water protection specialist from Montana Rural Water Systems, Inc. More...


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