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Volume XXV, Number 25

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

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Citizens call for civil discourse

By Michael Howell

The local non-profit group Bitterrooters for Planning sponsored a press conference last Wednesday in Hamilton at which several citizens, most of whom are not members of the group, spoke about the need for civility in public discussions and the role of county officials in ensuring that conduct and comment at the meetings is kept civil and respectful. More...

A citizen’s panel, The Friends of the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge have built a new osprey nest next to one of the refuge's main ponds. The new nest is meant to replace an old nest that has been consistently used by ospreys over the years but is nearing the end of its usefulness as the old snag it is lodged in is fairly close to falling down. The non-profit group that helps support Refuge activities hired Cody Thomas of Tarzan Tree Service to top a nearby dying pine and place a new nesting box on it. The installation was completed last Friday.

For the birds including (left to right) Dale Burk, Rich Morrisey, Sonny LaSalle, Marilyn Saunders, Curtis Cook and Chuck Roubik, held a press conference last week calling for civil discourse in public proceedings in Ravalli County. Michael Howell photo.

Paul Hayes, of the Friends of the Lee Metcalf Refuge, (left) and Refuge Maintenance officer Cal Henry (right) prepare to hoist the new nest to the top of the tree.

Citizen group petitions Sheriff and Commissioners

By Michael Howell

A questionnaire has been submitted to the Sheriff and the County Commissioners with an unsigned cover letter, asking them to agree to several points that the petitioners believe are “lawful obligations” embodied and required by the U.S. and Montana Constitutions. The letter asks for a response no later than January 30 to be delivered to an organization called Celebrating Conservatism at a post office box in Hamilton. A petition with about 175 signatures was submitted along with the questionnaire urging the officials to sign on. More...

No president yet for Stevi Council

The Stevensville Town Council ended up tabling its efforts to elect a new Council President at its first meeting of the year on Monday, January 11. First councilor Robin Holcomb nominated newly elected councilor Pat Groninger for the presidency, but the mayor declared it dead for lack of a second. Then councilor Desera Towle nominated councilor Clayton Floyd for the job. That nomination too was declared dead for lack of a second. After a short break the mayor announced that it had been determined that no second was required in a nomination process and a vote was conducted. Floyd received two votes, his own and Towles’. Groninger received two votes, his own and Holcomb’s. More...

Stevi mayor, council members sworn in at private ceremony

By Michael Howell

At the first council meeting of the year, in response to a question from the public about the need to swear in the new mayor and councilors, Mayor Lew Barnett said that he and the councilors had already been sworn in at a private ceremony held at former Mayor Susan Evans’ house on December 31. He said it wasn’t necessary to do it at a public meeting. More...

Martin Luther King Day celebrated with call to action

By Michael Howell

The Bitterroot Human Rights Alliance held its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration dinner last week in Hamilton. Guest speakers were the executive director of the Montana Human Rights Network Travis McAdams and longtime Bitterroot activist Stewart “Brandy” Brandborg. More...

Comment period on proposed septic dump site extended again

The public comment period for a proposed permit to dump septic and grease trap waste on a site near Stevensville has been extended once again. The new deadline for submitting public comments about the project is January 20, 2010. A public meeting has also been scheduled on that day at St. Mary’s Family Center in Stevensville from 6 to 8 p.m. More...

FWP Commission denies petition to close hunting on portion of Mitchell Slough

The Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission voted unanimously last Thursday, January 14, to deny a petition to close a portion of Mitchell Slough to hunting, but did direct FWP officials to work with the landowners in the area and sportsmen to possibly develop an access plan for hunting on the slough. More...


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