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Volume XXII, Number 25

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Streamside setback regulations being considered

By Michael Howell

The 2005 Montana legislature considered a bill to control development along the banks of the state's rivers. That bill was not passed into law, but the debate did engender a movement in the Bitterroot Valley to pass a set of local stream setback regulations that would allow local input and control to dominate the process of creating and establishing any such regulations in the county. More...

Although the usually drab January days have been sunny, there hasn't been a lot of color to look at. This Red Osier Dogwood provides a colorful relief for passers by at the Lee Metcalf Refuge. Jean Schurman photo.

City of Hamilton replies to Government Study Commission recommendations

By Michael Howell

Hamilton Mayor Jessica Randazzo responded verbally last week to the recommendations made by the Local Government Review Study Commission in its supplemental report. Commission members have been insisting for some time that the law requires a response from the city to the report which contained 17 separate recommendations. More...

Christi Smith at Chapter One Books in Hamilton.

Eating Our Words

By Gretchen L. Langton

Chapter One Bookstore was jammed to the gills on January 10 for the third installment in the First Annual Food and Culture Series. Over seventy word-a-holics wet their mental whistles with a savory dish, Christi the Wordsmith; she rustled up some intriguing food cliches and carved through their histories as swiftly as a knife passin' through hot butter. Actually, it was more languid than that, but had I used the cliche "slow as molasses in January," you may have stopped reading. Let's just say that her fare was so palatable that people stood for lack of a seat. More...

Immigration: A New Civil Rights Front

By Gretchen L. Langton

"Humble only means you are not going to do what someone is doing to you. Love them instead." This is what Mahatma Gandhi's grandson, Arun Gandhi, learned from his grandfather and repeated in an interview aired on Martin Luther King Jr.'s recent birthday. MLK would have been seventy-eight-years-old had he not been gunned down on April 4, 1968. King studied the teachings of Gandhi and adapted the practice of "non-violent resistance" to the Civil Rights Movement in the 50's and 60's with great success. Why was passive resistance so successful? In part, because a majority of Americans were hit with waves of compassion when they saw televised images of men, women, and children rapidly washed off the streets by high-powered fire hoses, attacked by German Shepherd police dogs, and subjected to routine clubbings in the South. "What about democracy," the world wondered. More...

Commissioners to decide on 'Plan to Plan'

By Michael Howell

Ravalli County Commissioners will be discussing and potentially adopting the proposed "Plan to Plan", a schedule for implementing countywide zoning over a one and a half year period ending in 2008, at a meeting in the Commissioner's meeting room, in the County Administration Building at 215 4th Street, Hamilton. Any decision may also include funding for the process. For details about the proposed "Plan to Plan" see last weeks Bitterroot Star or go to More...


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