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Volume XXIII, Number 33

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Darby may opt out on zoning

Straw poll will decide

By Michael Howell

Darby Community Planning Committee members asked the County Commissioners on Monday to allow the Darby School District to opt out of the countywide zoning efforts. They told the commissioners that out of over 100 people attending the last Darby CPC meetings only three expressed support for the zoning process. All the other people  indicated by a show of hands that they want out and they want out now. They do not want the process to continue. More...

Lone Rock School lunches best in state

By Michael Howell

Montana State Superintendent of Schools Linda McCulloch was at Lone Rock School last Tuesday, March 11, to honor both the school and head of the food service department Patti Calkins for an exceptional food service program. At a school assembly McCulloch awarded Calkins and her “nutrition team” Cherrie Shaubono, Anja Thompson, and Danice Person, with the National Healthier Montana Menu Challenge Award for both breakfast and lunch meals. Accompanying the award was a check for $500 to be used by the school. Lone Rock is the first school in Montana to receive the award. The award program recognizes Montana schools serving healthy school meals that are consistent with the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and USDA’s MyPyramid. More...

It’s lunchtime at Lone Rock School and Patti Calkins (center behind counter) and her team are serving Lone Rock students what Montana State Superintendent of Schools Linda McCulloch called “the very best breakfast and lunch programs in the entire state.” Lone Rock is the first school in Montana to receive the National Healthier Montana Menu Challenge Award. Michael Howell photo.

A check for $500 accompanied the award. Pictured left to right are Danice Person, State Superintendent of Schools Linda McCulloch, Lone Rock Superintendent Mark Anderson, Patti Calkins, Anja Thompson, and Cherrie Shaubono. Michael Howell photo.

Wal-Mart withdraws plans for Hamilton supercenter

By Greg Lemon

The rumors are true: Wal-Mart is pulling back plans for a supercenter south of Hamilton.

“We’re just taking a step back and kind of withdrawing for now,” said Wal-Mart spokesman, Josh Phair. More...

Hamilton hires new administrative assistant

By Greg Lemon

The city of Hamilton has a new administrative assistant.

Last week the Hamilton city council approved the hiring of Nancy Anderson of Hamilton. More...

Stevi High School levy to be on the ballot

By Michael Howell

At its March 10 meeting, the Stevensville School Board decided to place a high school levy on the upcoming ballot but declined to place a levy on the ballot for the district’s elementary school. School Superintendent Kent Kultgen recommended a levy in both instances, but he also offered the Trustees a budget designed to make do without a levy in both cases as well. The Trustees approved placing a $170,000 high school levy on the May ballot. More...

Human Rights Alliance condemns threatening atmosphere at zoning meetings

By Michael Howell

Just prior to the County Commissioners’ meeting with the Darby CPC members last Monday, the Commissioners also heard from a representative of the Bitterroot Human Rights Alliance, Bill LaCroix, about what he described as a negative, threatening and intimidating atmosphere at the Darby CPC meetings. More...

Helping local businesses: Entrepreneurship center will focus on economic growth

By Greg Lemon

Starting a new business can be a difficult road to travel, but a new project in Hamilton could make that journey a little easier.

The Ravalli County Economic Development Authority is moving forward with plans to build the Ravalli Entrepreneurship Center, a 10,000 square foot facility that will help local businesses get started, said RCEDA executive director Julie Foster. More...

Darby Principal’s contract not renewed

By Michael Howell

At the March 10 meeting of the Darby School Board, trustees decided not to renew the contract of current Principal and Athletic Director Dan Peters. According to Carolyne Rennaker, who keeps the minutes for the board meetings, the Board decided on a 3 to 2 vote not to renew Peters’ contract. More...


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