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Volume XXI, Number 33

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mill levy for Council on Aging headed for ballot

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners acted on Monday, March 13, to place a measure on the June Primary ballot to raise funds for providing some essential services to the growing population of elderly people in the county. The proposed levy of 3.2 mills is calculated to raise $200,000 annually to fund the services provided by the Ravalli County Council on Aging. The resolution passed to place the issue on the ballot was to establish a fund to "promote, establish and maintain nutritional, recreational, educational, and other activities of the elderly." More...

Sarena Plesner, left, is handed a $500 award by U.S. Senator Conrad Burns as prize for first place in the Essay Contest sponsored by the North Valley Pachyderm Club. Plesner's essay on the significance of the Declaration of Independence was chosen as the best in a blind judging program in which the judges were unaware of the

student's name or the name of their school, if they attend one. The essays were judged soley on their content. Plesner lives in Victor with her parents Rob and Ruth Plesner and is home schooled. Jean Thomas, who helped judge the essays, said that the criteria involved looking for the answers to certain questions in the essays, such as was there a need for such a document? Who were the principal authors? What does it say? What does it mean today? Winner of the second place $250 award was Roarke Baldwin of Stevensville High School. He is the sone of Jay Baldwin and JoAnne Foley. Baldwin is pictured above right with his father Jay. The awards were presented at the North Valley Pachyderm meeting in Stevensville on Saturday. Senator Burns was in the valley for the Lincoln/Reagan Diner held in Hamilton on Saturday night. He also visited the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge near Stevensville. Michael Howell photo.

Stevi School considers bullying policy

By Michael Howell

The Stevensville High School Board of Trustees, at their meeting on Tuesday, March 14, passed upon first reading a policy prohibiting bullying, harassment, intimidation, or hazing, by student, staff, or third parties. More...

County Planning Board approves Area 3 Neighborhood Plan

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Planning Board was not as completely convinced as the Hamilton City Planning Board was last week to recommend approval of the Old Corvallis Road Area 3 Neighborhood Plan but it did vote to recommend adoption of the plan in a 5 to 3 vote last Wednesday. More...

County considers interim zoning to limit 'big box' stores

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners are considering a draft proposal for Interim Zoning Regulations that would limit the size of retail stores in the county to 60,000 square feet, among other things. The new regulations were drafted in response to an appeal by the Bitterroot Good Neighbors Coalition, the Downtown Hamilton Business Improvement District and the Stevensville Main Street Association, as well as several local business people and residents. More...

Darby School Board nixes mill levy

By Michael Howell

In a close vote, the Darby School Board rejected the proposal to place a mill levy on the ballot, 3 to 2. District Trustees Erik Abrahamsen and Don Ray voted in favor of a mill levy but the combined votes of Doug Banks, Bob Wetzsteon, and Elizabeth Bender defeated the measure. More...


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