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Volume XXVI, Number 34

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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FWP considers changes to fishing regs

By Michael Howell

Every four years the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks conducts a regular review of its fishing regulations and considers changes. The department is currently conducting such a review and is seeking public comment on the regulations for consideration in the process. More...

FWP has engineered a specially designed boat passage over the Hedge Ditch dam on the Bitterroot River to allow boaters to float over the dam without portaging around the structure. The agency hopes to create a similar boat passage at the Corvallis Canal dam. The agency currently re-builds a gravel ramp for portage around the dam as the ramp way is washed out every year by the spring floods.

Juvenile Detention Center needs more staff

By Michael Howell

Marwan Sada of the Montana Department of Corrections gave a glowing report to the County Commissioners last Wednesday about conditions at the Ravalli County Juvenile Detention Center, except for one detail. He told the commissioners that having only one person on duty on site at the facility during the night was a violation of state rules. He urged them to consider having a second person at least available on site during the night. More...

Commission supports auto wrecking yard

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners gave their support for a proposed auto wrecking facility along Old Corvallis Road at 36 Angel Lane last Friday. The motor vehicle wrecking facility is being proposed by Clint Nickerson, owner of Bitterroot Auto Removal. Nickerson is applying to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for a license to operate the facility. More...

Stevi Council still fumbling over special event permits and transient business licenses

By Michael Howell

A year ago the Stevensville Town Council engaged in excruciating negotiations with the Stevensville Civic Club and the Stevensville Main Street Association over how special event permits would be handled for the annual Creamery Picnic, Western Heritage Days, the Honey Fest and other civic sponsored events and whether or not each vendor at those events would be required to obtain a transient business license or not. After a lot of haggling a temporary solution was agreed to that allowed the organizations to hold the events that year and gave the council time to work out a permanent solution for the future. More...

Agreement reached in gray wolf lawsuit

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has reached an agreement with the majority of plaintiffs, including Defenders of Wildlife, the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, and eight other conservation organizations, to settle ongoing litigation over a Federal District Court’s 2010 decision to reinstate Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for gray wolves in the northern Rocky Mountains. More...

Deputy Marshal position in Darby in dispute

By Michael Howell

Mayor Rick Scheele told the Bitterroot Star that the Town of Darby did recently receive a letter stating opposition to the hiring of a new Deputy Marshal. The letter contained over 150 signatures, he said. More...


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