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Volume XXVI, Number 32

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Largest subdivision in the county’s history approved

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners unanimously approved the largest subdivision in the county’s history last week. A few years ago a proposed subdivision of this size would have drawn a standing room only crowd. Last Thursday, however, most of the chairs in the meeting room were empty as only a few members of the public and a few neighbors attended the review of the Grantsdale Addition Major Subdivision. More...

Nathan Lucke of Territorial-Landworks discusses a chart showing how little other counties in the state collect in fees aimed at mitigating the negative impacts of a subdivision. Developer Kent Kearns is seated on the far right. While hearings concerning large subdivisions in the past have drawn a wall-to-wall crowd, only a few members of the public attended the public hearing last week when commissioners approved the largest subdivision in the county’s history. Michael Howell photo.

Keeton appointed Treasurer

By Michael Howell

Former Chief Deputy Treasurer Marie Keeton was appointed by the Ravalli County Commissioners last week to replace outgoing treasurer Mary Hudson-Smith. Hudson-Smith, under fire for failure to perform her duties since taking office in January, submitted her resignation effective February 28, and turned over her duties to Keeton pending appointment of a new treasurer. More...

Marie Keeton was appointed as Ravalli County’s new Treasurer.

West House opens its doors

By Michael Howell

All the County Commissioners were present for the open house celebration at West House last week. West House is a brand new facility located on ground owned by Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital. It was built to facilitate handling of people who are not suffering from any physical injury and may not have created a crime but are in need of confinement until their mental health can be evaluated. But it will serve a broad spectrum of people including those who desire voluntary commitment for reasons of their own. The new facility will be staffed and run by the Western Montana Mental Health Center. More...

A grand opening was held Tuesday, March 1, for West House, Ravalli County’s new mental health crisis center, located on the bank of the Bitterroot River at 1404 Westwood Drive, across from the Bitterroot Clinic near Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital in Hamilton. Some key players involved in the creation and operation of the new facility were on hand to celebrate including (left to right): group home director Lindsey Beuhler, Department of Social Services Anna Westcott, Deputy County Attorney Karen Mahar, Deputy Directory of Western Montana Mental Health Center John Lynn, former County Commissioner Kathleen Driscoll, and former Ravalli County Representative Ron Stoker. Michael Howell photos.

Chuckwagon challenge in the Bitterroot

With the help and inspiration of valley resident Ned Larson, Stevensville will be hosting the 1st Annual Chuckwagon Cookoff Challenge this June as part of the Western Heritage Days festival. More...

Thornbrugh gets hospital Leadership Award

Judy Thornbrugh, Materials Management Department Head at Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, was chosen by her fellow employees to receive the annual Leadership Award this year. More...

Stevi suffers power outage

In the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday, March 2, power was disrupted to the whole town of Stevensville. Vicki Judd, Manager of Community Relations for NorthWestern Energy, said that she received the first call about the outage around 5:45 a.m. She said that a regulator went out at the Stevensville sub-station and caused a fire to start which disabled the transformer at the sub-station. It took most of the day to resolve the problem and get power back on to the whole town. More...


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