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Wednesday March 9, 2011

Legal Notices



Probate No. DP 11-14
Dept. 2


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned has been appointed Personal Representative of the above-named estate. All persons having claims against the said deceased are required to present their claims within four months after the date of the first publication of this Notice or said claims will be forever barred.

Claims must either be mailed to Eva L. White, the Personal Representative, return receipt requested, c/o Bell & Bell, P.C., 210 South 3rd Street, P.O. Box 210, Hamilton, Montana 59840, or filed with the Clerk of the above-entitled Court.

Dated this 9th day of February 2011.
/s/ Eva L. White, Personal Representative

BS 2-23, 3-2, 3-9-11.

Richard A. Weber, P.C.
345 West Main Street
Hamilton, Montana 59840
Telephone: 406/363-6888
Fax: 406/363-2972
Attorney for Plaintiffs


Violet Nelson and Lawrence L. Carpenter and Katherine L. Carpenter, Plaintiffs, vs. Henry H. Grant and Marcus Daly, and Ravalli County, Montana, and their estates and heirs; heirs and devisees of any named defendant who may be deceased, and all other persons, known, claiming or who may claim any right, title estate, or interest in or lien or encumbrance upon the real property described in the complaint adverse to Plaintiff’s ownership or any cloud upon Plaintiff’s title thereto, whether such claim or possible claim be present or contingent, Defendants

Case No. DV-11-37

Dept. 1



You are hereby summoned to answeR the Verified Complaint iN this action, which is filed in the office of the clerk of this court, a copy of which is herewith served upon you, and to file your written answer and serve a copy thereof upon the Plaintiff’s attorney within twenty days after the service of this Summons, exclusive of the day of service; and in case of your failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you by default, for the relief demanded in the verified Complaint.

The real property affected by this suit is situated in the State of Montana, County of Ravalli and is described as follows: See Exhibits A, B and C attached hereto and by this reference made a part hereof. The easement is claimed upon the Paved Surface of Cedar Street.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Schedule B - Section 2

RAV - 44329

Legal Description

E1/2 Block 1, Grantsdale, Ravalli County, Montana, according to the recorded plat thereof,

TOGETHER WITH all of Grantee’s interest in and to a street lying north of Lot 5, Block 1, Original Townsite of Grantsdale, such street having been vacated. (The above legal is now described as Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Grantsdale; and Lot 5-A, Amended Plat No. 562.)


A portion of the SW1/4NE1/4 Section 7, Township 5 North, Range 20 West, P.M.M, Ravalli County, Montana, described as beginning at the southeast corner of Block 2, Original Townsite of Grantsdale; thence South to quarter section line; thence East on the quarter section line to the southeast corner of SW1/4NE1/4 Section 7; thence North to a point due east of place of beginning; thence West to the place of beginning.


A portion of the NW1/4SE1/4 Section 7, Township 5 North, Range 20 West, P.M.M., Ravalli County, Montana, described as beginning at a point 250 feet east of the southeast corner of Block 1, H.H. Grant’s Addition to the Town of Grantsdale; thence East 30 feet; thence due North 290 feet to the quarter section line; thence West on the quarter section line 360 feet; thence South 290 feet to the place of beginning.

Reference; Book 116 Deeds, page 561.

EXCEPTING AND RESERVING THEREFROM the following tract of land:

Commencing at the southeast corner of Block 2, Original Townsite of Grantsdale; thence due East to tha poit of intersection with the east 1/16 line in Section 7, Township 5 North, Range 20 West, P.M.M., Ravalli County Montana, and the point of beginning; thence South along said east 1/16 line 110.0 feet; thence due West 230 feet; thence North and parallel to the east 1/16 line in Section 7, 110.0 feet to a point on a line due east of the southeast corner of Block 2, Original Townsite of Gransdale; thence due East 230.0 feet to the point of beginning, as recorded in Book 172 Deeds, page 800.

EXCEPTING AD RESERVING THEREFROM a 33 foot strip along the boundary as disclosed in Book 21 Deeds, page 315.

Exhibit C

A tract of land in the NW1/4SE1/4 of Section 7, Township 5 North, Range 20 West, P.M.M., Ravalli County, Montana, described as: Beginning 100 feet East of the northeast corner of Block 2, H.H. Grant’s Addition to the Town of Grantsdale according to the official plat thereof; thence South 50 feet; thence East 130 feet; thence North 50 feet; thence West 130 feet to the place of beginning.

WITNESS my hand and the seal of said court this 10th day of February, 2011.

Debbie Harmon
Clerk of the District Court
By: /s/ Mary Sawyer
Deputy Clerk.

BS 2-23, 3-2, 3-9-11.


Stevensville Elementary School District is soliciting sealed bids for construction of a new Music Center and associated work. Beginning at noon on Monday, March 14 2011 bid packets may be obtained from Scott Bruner at Swank Enterprises by phone: 406-752-5411; E-mail:; or in person at 750 West Reserve Drive, Kalispell, MT 59901. No plan deposit will be required. No plans will be available from the School District. Plans will be posted at area plans exchanges.

This project utilizes the Construction Manager at Risk method, and Swank Enterprises of Kalispell has previously been selected as the Construction Manager. This project is offered with two bidding options. 1) Bidders who can provide the required bid and performance securities may bid directly to the School District. 2) Bidders who elect not to provide the required security documents may bid to Swank Enterprises as a subcontractor. Contact Swank Enterprises as described above for further information. All subcontracts, regardless of bidding method, will be performed under Swank Enterprises as the Construction Manager at Risk.

To be considered, sealed bids must be physically received no later than 4:00 PM local time on March 29, 2011 at the Stevensville School District Offices at 300 Park Avenue, Stevensville, MT. No faxed or electronic bids will be accepted. Bidders who elect to bid as subcontractors to Swank Enterprises must coordinate and complete a separate private bidding process with Swank prior to the public bid opening. If your bid is responsive, Swank will submit your number as Swank’s bid with appropriate mark-ups. All bids, including those submitted by Swank, will be publicly opened, read aloud, and taken under consideration by the School District. No awards will be made at the bid opening. Bids must be honored for a period of 30 days after the bid opening. A bid tabulation will be made available as soon as is practical after the bid opening, including a tabulation of those bids made to Swank.

As required by State Law, bids submitted to the School District must be accompanied by a 10% bid security in an approved form. The successful bidder must provide a performance and payment bond in the amount of 100% of the contract amount as a condition of a successful contract execution, under Swank Enterprises. All workers who provide on-site labor must be paid no less than the current State of Montana Prevailing Wages or the current Federal Davis-Bacon Wages, whichever is greater. Wage scale requirements, effective at the time of bidding, are included in the bid packets. Certified payroll records will be required. This project is subject to the Montana State 1% Gross Receipts Tax. Successful bidders must possess a valid State of Montana Contractor Registration and must be able to provide insurance coverages in the types and amounts shown in the bid packet.

Successful bidders shall give employment preference to bona-fide residents of Montana. A Montana resident bidder will be allowed preference against the bid of a non-resident bidder from any state or county that enforces a preference for resident bidders. Contractors shall comply with the Rules of On-Site Conduct included in the project manual. Background checks will be required for all persons providing on site services. The Stevensville School District reserves the right to reject all bids, reject individual non-responsive bids, or award the bid to the lowest responsible bidder.

BS 3-9, 3-16-11.


The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) will conduct a public hearing for a conservation easement proposed through Ravalli County’s Open Lands Bond Program. The proposal is known as the Triple J Bar Ranch Application and is composed of two (2) parcels totaling 160 acres. The properties are located east of Corvallis along the south side of Willow Creek Rd. (See Map)

The properties are described as: the northeast quarter of the northwest quarter of section 12, township 6 north, range 20 west, P.M.M., Ravalli County, Montana; and, the south half of the northwest quarter, the east three quarters of the northwest quarter of the SOUTHWEST QUARTER, THE WEST HALF OF THE WEST HALF OF THE NORTHEAST OF THE SOUTHWEST OF SECTION 12, TOWNSHIP 6 NORTH, RANGE 20 WEST, P.M.M., RAVALLI COUNTY, MONTANA.

The applicant is Kay Downey, with the Five Valleys Land Trust as the Sponsoring Organization. Information describing the proposal is available for inspection at the Planning Department, in the County Administrative Center, 215 S. 4th Street, Suite F, Hamilton, MT 59840. Written comments are encouraged to be submitted to the Planning Department prior to the public hearing and will be forwarded to the BCC for their consideration. Submit email comments to; or contact us by phone at 375-6530.

The BCC will conduct a public hearing on this proposal on Monday, March 28, 2011, at 2:00 PM in the Commissioners’ Meeting Room of the County administrative building, located at 215 South 4th Street, in Hamilton. The public may comment verbally or in writing at the hearing. Comments and information submitted at the public hearing will be considered in the decision on the Triple J Bar Ranch Conservation Easement.

Location Map (Source Data: Ravalli County GIS Department)

BS 3-9, 3-16-11.


The Ravalli County Planning Department is inviting public comment on a floodplain permit application for work proposed within the floodplain of the Bitterroot River. The proposed project will excavate approximately 1,950 cubic yards of material from an existing trout pond to facilitate fish habitat. The project is located at 245 Otter Path Ln. in Section 3, Township 5 North, Range 21 West, Ravalli County. The applicant is the Bitterroot Trout Farm. Information regarding this application is available at the Ravalli County Planning Department at 215 S 4th St, Suite F in Hamilton. Written comments may be mailed, faxed (406-375-6531), hand-delivered or emailed ( and must be received by March 24, 2011 at 5:00 pm. (Reference Application #FA-10-22)

BS 3-9-11.

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