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Volume XXIII, Number 35

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

National Guard denies Hamilton easement to upgrade 10th Street

By Greg Lemon

Tenth Street in Hamilton needs an upgrade, but the city of Hamilton and the Montana National Guard haven’t been able to reach an agreement on an easement that would allow the city to do the work.

“We want to add curbs, gutters and sidewalks on both sides of (10th Street),” said Hamilton city planner, Dennis Stranger. More...

Tenth Street in Hamilton is busy as people leave Dealy-Leach Chapel. The road is a primary access to Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital, as well as Claudia Driscoll Park. The rush of traffic highlights the problem facing the city of Hamilton, which wants to repair the road, adding curbs, gutters and sidewalks, but needs an easement from the state. Greg Lemon photo.

Helping get the Bitterroot’s best tree to the Capitol

By Greg Lemon

Are you ready for Christmas?

Doesn’t really sound right, does it?

Despite western Montana taking baby steps into spring, it is time for Bitterrooters to think about Christmas trees – well, at least one important Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree that will grace the west lawn of the Capitol in Washington D.C. this Christmas is coming from our valley. More...

Spring wild turkey hunting season opens April 12 in the Bitterroot. Hunters in Ravalli County can buy an over-the-counter tag to harvest one turkey in the spring and one in the fall. For more on turkey hunting in the Bitterroot, see Inside Info. Jean Schurman photo.

County contracts with state for air monitoring

County air pollution regulations on the horizon

By Michael Howell

Air quality in the Bitterroot Valley has improved enough, according to officials from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), that the county has slipped beneath the federal limits for fine particulates and is no longer considered to be in non-compliance with federal clean air standards. This is good news considering that last year the county was notified that it was not in compliance. But the county is bumping the limits, and the Commissioners agreed at a recent meeting with DEQ officials to contract with the state to collect air quality data and appoint an advisory committee to help develop voluntary guidelines for reducing air pollution. DEQ will pay the county $14,000 for the services of county Department of Health and Environmental Services personnel to collect air quality data and to instigate an informational and educational program aimed at reducing air pollution in the valley. This would include formulating a basic set of rules that could be followed “voluntarily” and lead to reductions in air pollution. Those guidelines could later be used to develop actual regulations. More...

Local business to run PAC

By Michael Howell

The Hamilton High School Board of Trustees signed a contract last week with local businessman Jim Olsen, owner of Human Interactive Products, Inc, that will give the Hamilton Performing Arts Center subscription series a second life. The Board had recently determined that the Performing Arts Series was costing the District a significant amount of money and some board members questioned whether it was appropriate for the school district to be using tax money raised for the schools to support a community art performance program. More...

Stevensville town clerks resign

By Michael Howell

Both of Stevensville’s town clerks, Nancy Lowell and Sandy Holland, turned in their resignations effective immediately last Friday. The sudden departure of the clerks has left the town in a lurch. On Monday morning the newly hired temporary clerk and the town’s road supervisor were in the office but unable to respond to a request from a reporter to listen to a tape recording of the last town council meeting. They didn’t know where the tape recordings were kept. They also refused to acknowledge, under instructions from Town Attorney Kiethi Worthington, that the regular clerks had actually resigned. More...


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