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Volume XXVI, Number 41

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

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Commissioners rescind approval of airport improvement project

By Michael Howell

In what has become a consistent effort at reversing major decisions made by the previous Board of County Commissioners, the current Board last week rescinded the decision made last November approving a plan for improvements to the county airport. Current board members claim it was just the wrong decision and are advocating an alternative that was rejected in the original decision making process. More...

Up, up and away! The weather was good enough on Monday, May 2 for the Lone Rock School sixth graders to launch their hot air balloons. Middle school teacher Pam Okland worked with the students for nearly two days to design these tissue paper balloons. Pictured below, teacher Lisa Stevens and retired Lone Rock teacher Wayne Stanford help sixth grader Michaella Gregson wth her launch. Above, sixth graders Alexandera Deschamps, Miette Wear and Alexis Gregson launch a balloon with Stevens' help. Tamara Lysons photos.

Stevi considers permanent changes to Water Ordinance

By Michael Howell

A month ago the Stevensville Town Council approved an Emergency Ordinance to change the town’s billing procedure for water service from quarterly to monthly billing and establish a new bill collections process. That emergency ordinance was effective upon passage but only lasts for 90 days. At its April 25 meeting, the council considered a permanent ordinance that would require approval at two consecutive town council meetings and would go into effect 30 days after the approval on second reading. More...

State takes charge of wolves

By Michael Howell

Legislation proposed by Montana’s U.S. Senator Jon Tester and attached as a rider to the Budget Bill approved on April 15, 2011, has put wolf management in the state back in the hands of state officials and plans are already afoot to sponsor a wolf hunting season this fall, according to FWP wildlife biologist and wolf specialist Liz Bradley. More...

Another fun option available soon

By Jean Schurman

The skyline around the Bitterroot Aquatic Center has changed dramatically in the last couple of weeks, thanks to the addition of a slide complex. There are three slides ranging from a very twisty slide to one that is almost a straight shot into the pool. The water feature will open for business the first part of June when the outdoor pool opens. Even though one of the slides empties into the shallower end of the pool, it is a low impact slide that is designed so the swimmer makes a big splash across the top of the pool. More...

New triple-option waterslide scheduled to open in June at Bitterroot Aquatic Center in Hamilton. Jean Schurman photo.


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