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Volume XXVI, Number 42

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Record setting high water predicted at Victor

Agencies and residents prepare for possibility of flooding

By Michael Howell

Predicting exactly when and how high the Bitterroot River may crest in the spring is a notoriously tricky affair. It depends on a complex constellation of many variables. But officials at the National Weather Service, based on an analysis of snow pack in the area combined with current and forecast weather conditions, are predicting record setting high flows at the Victor measuring gauge by the end of the month. More...

This summary hydrograph of the Bitterroot River near Darby from 1938 to 2009 and the others pictured along with this article are available for viewing on the internet at The graphs are based upon information provided by the USGS. The top two spikes in this graph that hit the 11,000 cfs flow mark actually happened in consecutive years. The flood waters of 1947 still hold the record for the highest levels recorded between May 2 and May 10. The high water culminated on May 9, 1947 at 11,000 cfs. The second spike to hit the 11,000 cfs mark was the very next year when the floods of 1948 roared through. This flood season still holds the record for high flows spanning from May 26 through May 31, culminating in the 11,000 cfs tie for the record on May 29, 1948.

Food bank breaks ground

By Michael Howell

Close to fifty people turned out on a windy Saturday morning on May 14, 2011 to witness the groundbreaking ceremony for the new building that will house Pantry Partners, the local food bank, the Clothes Closet, a free clothes outlet, and Acts of Kindness, a local charity that sponsors, you guessed it, acts of kindness. More...

Stevensville Town Council

Council meeting minutes cause concern

By Michael Howell

At the May 9 Stevensville Town Council meeting, Councilor Desera Towle asked that the minutes of the previous meeting be amended to show that she refused to participate in a closed session that was held for reasons that at the time were unclear. She noted that the minutes did not even reflect that a closed meeting was held. More...

Bitterroot flower tour scheduled

By Michael Howell

Stevensville resident John Stroud, aka “Johnny Bitterroot Seed,” is a homegrown, self educated expert on the Bitterroot Flower (Latin name: Lewisia rediviva), the valley’s namesake blossom, and he wants to see it survive and prosper for the benefit of future generations. He wants to spread the seeds. He’s even made a business of it. He just picked about 100 seeds and will be selling them on the sidewalk outside of Valley Drug in Stevensville this week, whenever he feels like going down there, he said. He has planted Bitterroots on the grounds of the St. Mary’s Mission and elsewhere around the valley. More...


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