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Volume XXV, Number 41

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Stevi School gets major grant

By Michael Howell

Finally, parents of Stevensville band and choir students will be able to breathe a little easier when they send their students to class. The issue of substandard, even unsafe, music classrooms has been a problem in the district for a number of years. More...

Bitterroot artist/shaman featured in film “Sundancing With the Muse, Heyoka Merrifield's Sacred Art Story,” a feature film by Missoula filmmaker Jason Gutzmer, will premiere at the Roxy Theatre in downtown Missoula on Saturday, May 22 at 5 and 7 p.m. Merrifield and Gutzmer will be in attendance. In “Sundancing with the Muse,” viewers discover the importance of the sacred in art, the sacred in the earth and a ceremonial life that makes them one. Stevensville artist and shaman Heyoka Merrifield exposes his personal and creative journey that reveals the source of creativity and the roots of imagination. In looking at the medicine wheel of his story as a sundancer for more than thirty years and his near death shamanic experience that gave him a unique grasp of the interplay between our world and the world of spirits, a path is illuminated and we realize we each have a gift to give away to the circle of life, making our walk on earth a sacred journey.

Ludington earns RMC President’s Cup winner

Rachel Ludington had several good reasons to come to Rocky Mountain College. A great-grandfather attended RMC when it was called Billings Polytechnic Institute; a grandfather, Edwin Ludington, graduated from Rocky in 1956; and her parents, Paul and Julie (Longbottom) Ludington of Stevensville, graduated in 1982. Despite the legacy, Rachel still thought she’d rather go out of state and to a bigger college. That was her plan before she agreed to at least visit the RMC campus. More...

Stevi sewer rates to go up

By Michael Howell

The Stevensville Town Council approved sewer rate hikes at its May 10 meeting which, according to a few letters received in public comment, will put the squeeze on senior citizens trying to survive on fixed incomes. The bulk of rate increases are scheduled to take place starting in July 2010 and will be followed by much smaller annual increases over the next four years. More...

Sheriff recommends no charges in shooting incident

By Michael Howell

No charges have yet been filed in the shooting incident that occurred in the home of sheriff’s candidate Wayne Kelly. More...

Stevi looks into unaccounted-for airport funds

By Michael Howell

A few Stevensville Town Councilors met with Airport Board members last Saturday morning in an effort to resolve the issue of $15,000 in unaccounted for funds. More...


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