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Volume XXII, Number 45

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wolves killed following livestock depredation

By Michael Howell

Two wolves from the Brooks Creek Pack were killed near Stevensville last week. The wolves were killed on a working cattle ranch owned and operated by Ed Cummings. Cummings killed the first wolf, an adult female, within 500 yards of Highway 93 in the middle of his cattle herd in the early morning hours of June 5. The next evening a USDA Wildlife Service officer killed a second wolf on the ranch. At least three calves have been confirmed to be killed by wolves in an ongoing series of livestock depredations in the area. More...

Stevensville area rancher Ed Cummings examines the carbass of a dead calf, killed on his ranch recently by wolves from the Brooks Creek Pack. The calf was killed within 300 yards of Highway 93. A wolf was later killed by Cummings about 500 yards from the highway inthe same field as it was harassing his cattle. "I thought that having the cattle down by the highway would be a deterrent to wolf predation," said Cummings. "Apparently not." Cummings, who had seen the wolf in the area a few times recently, said, "People think that wolves are shy and avoid people. But these wolves seem unconcerned by the presence of humans." Michael Howell photo.

Republicans lose big in commissioner race

By Michael Howell

Ravalli County voters, long considered around the state as a stronghold for the Republican Party, showed a different face in the most recent elections. Not a single Republican candidate won in the June 5 election in which three new county commissioners were elected. Instead, two Democrats and an Independent candidate stole the show. More...

'Skeeter the Clown' promotes circus visit

By Michael Howell

"The circus is coming to town!" That was the message that "Skeeter" the clown brought to Stevensville basketball camp participants, garnished, of course, with a bunch of buffoonery. Skeeter knows a lot about buffoonery. She went to some special schools to learn all about it. "I are an educated fool," said Skeeter. She's been clowning around professionally for about 23 years. She got her BA in Broadcasting before working for Warner Brothers for seven years. Then she got her MBA, that is Master of Buffoonery Arts from Ringling Brothers Clown College, which is no longer in existence. She said that joining the circus (the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus, that is) was like joining a family. She called it a generational affair. Nine boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 17 perform in the circus. More...

The circus is coming to town! That was the message that "Skeeter" the clown brought to Stevensville basketballcamp participants, garnished, of course, wth a bunch of buffoonery. Michael Howell photo.

Commissioners receive advice from AG

By Michael Howell

A while back the Ravalli County Planning Department was set, based upon an interpretation of the Interim Zoning Ordinance offered by Planning Director Karen Hughes, to consider subdivisions that had dwellings on lots less than two acres in size so long as the average density of the entire subdivision was not less than one dwelling per two acres. In her opinion the Interim Zoning Regulations that restrict subdivisions to a density of one dwelling per two acres apply to the overall density or average density of the subdivision and do not refer to an absolute minimum lot size. More...

Stevensville sixth graders, members of SASS, and art instructor Marina Weatherly complete a mural on the bathroom building at Lewis and Clark Park. The mural was designed by the Stevensville third and fourth graders, and depicts traditional Salish Indian games. See story here. Michael Howell photo.

City Judge's fee agreement challenged at Supreme Court

By Michael Howell

Stevensville and Darby Municipal Judge Barbara "Skip" Kohn has devised a "court appointed attorney understanding" that she is requiring defendants to sign agreeing to pay for the cost of a court-appointed attorney. The price the defendant must agree to pay is different depending on whether the case is finally resolved by a plea bargain, by bench trial, or by jury trial. More...


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