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Volume XXII, Number 47

Thursday, June 27, 2007

Rokosch to chair county commission

By Michael Howell

Early Monday morning, June 25, the newly established five-member Board of County Commissioners elected Jim Rokosch as Chairman of the Board. According to unofficial minutes of the meeting, Commissioner Alan Thompson noted that traditionally a commissioner has served two to three years before being appointed to that position. He stated that he did not think selecting a new person would be wise, since you need the experience of the existing chairman. The three newly elected commissioners apparently disagreed with that assessment. Rokosch was elected to the position by his own vote and that of Commissioners Carlotta Grandstaff and Kathleen Driscoll, all recently elected to the Board following the voter-mandated expansion of the commission to five members. Thompson voted against the proposal and current Commission Chairman Greg Chilcott did not vote. Grandstaff was elected as vice-chairman, with Thompson again being the lone no vote. More...

Robbie Springs and Gene Mim Mack and their daughter Ali sparked a little excitement in Stevensville last Tuesday as they moved a building - with the help of Abel Movers - from Sharrott Hill Loop on the westside to Church Street in downtown Stevensville where it will be remodelled into studio apartments. The couple owns the Stevensville Hotel and the 5th Street Guesthouse. Michael Howell photo.

Hamilton City Council hears complaints about police force

By Michael Howell

The Hamilton Police Department was heavily criticized during the public comment portion of the Hamilton City Council meeting last Tuesday, June 19, primarily relating to its handling, or mishandling as complainants charge, of a recent altercation that sent two men to the hospital emergency room. One, a card dealer at the Corner Sports Bar where the incident occurred, with a wound to his hand, the other with wounds to his head and face. More...

More wolves killed in Bitterroot Valley

By Michael Howell

A third wolf from the Brooks Creek Pack was killed last Saturday on a ranch east of Stevensville after waiting in a trap most of the day for a federal predator control officer to arrive and do the killing. Earlier in the month, two other wolves were killed on the same ranch. The first was killed by ranch owner Ed Cummings in the early morning hours of June 5 while it was harassing his cattle herd. The second was killed the following day by a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service predator control officer, who caught the animal in a trap. The third wolf, a two-year-old male, was also caught in an FWS trap set on Cummings' ranchland. But due to what Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks Wolf Management Specialist Liz Bradley called "a communication error," no predator control officer was able to make it to the site until late afternoon. More...

This two-year-old male wolf was captured Friday night in a trap set by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service officials on a ranch northwest of Stevensville where confirmed wolf predation on calves has recently occurred. Rancher Ed Cummings, who found the wolf in the trap early Saturday morning, immediately called the appropriate officials to report the capture. Only federal officials are allowerd to kill a wolf caught in a federal trap. Due to what Montana FWP wolf management specialist Liz Bradley calls a "communication error," however, it was 4 p.m. before a qualified federal agent could arrive at the site to kill the trapped animal. This phot was taken around noon. Michael Howell photo.

County sued over floodplain permitting process

By Michael Howell

Ravalli County resident Daniel Floyd and Renascent Inc., a Nevada-based corporation that owns land in the county, have filed a lawsuit in District Court alleging that the county violated their rights by failing to process their floodplain permits in the time frame set by law and subsequently by failing to issue the permits. More...


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