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Volume XXIV, Number 50

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Portage routes requested on Mitchell

By Stan Roden

The Bitterroot Protective Association (BRPA) held a press conference on Thursday, July 9 to announce that as a result of its recent victory before the Montana Supreme Court it would re-initiate its 2003 request and ask that three defined portage routes be permanently established along the 16-mile Mitchell Slough. More...

Michael Howell, secretary of the Bitterroot River Protection Association, ponders the access problems at Mitchell Slough at Bell Crossing where two fences hinder public access. BRPA has re-initiated its request for portage routes along the slough, requests that had been on hold pending the outcome of the lawsuit over the status of the waterway. The Supreme Court decided in favor of the public and now the details will have to be worked out. Stan Roden photo.

Election info corrected

Due to incorrect information provided by the Clerk and Recorder’s Office and published in last week’s Bitterroot Star, the following important corrections must be made: More...

Grasshopper population on the upswing

By Michael Howell

If it seems like there are a lot more grasshoppers around this year than usual, it’s probably because there are.

State entomologist Ian Foley said that Ravalli County was in a “hot zone” this year. He said that it was not a blanket infestation, however. He said the high populations are spotty with several “hot spots.” More...

Grasshopper on poppy in local garden. Michael Howell photo.

USDA map shows density of grasshopper infestation in 2008, with red areas having the greatest density.

Controls other than biological and chemical agents have been used to combat grasshopper infestations. This horse-powered grasshopper-catching machine, in use near St. Ignatius, Montana, in 1917, illustrates an early nonchemical technique for grasshopper control. In 2 hours and 15 minutes, approximately 363 kilograms of grasshoppers were caught with this machine, bagged, and dried for use as winter poultry food. Numerous designs for grasshopper-catching machines, or "hopper dozers," were developed beginning in the 1870s. Although their effectiveness as a control technique was debated, grasshopper catching machines were advocated as a means of reducing grasshopper populations in infested fields and providing poultry feed, while avoiding risks to livestock from the use of highly poisonous, arsenic-based baits. Photograph: US Department of Agriculture photo archive.

Neville Log Homes seeks stimulus funds

By Michael Howell

The owners of Neville Log Homes, a log home company located near Victor, are scheduled to ask the Board of County Commissioners for its support in the company’s application for stimulus funds earmarked for aiding the distressed wood products industry. The meeting is set for Thursday, July 16 at 2 p.m. in the commissioners meeting room at the County Administration Building located on 4th Street in Hamilton. More...

William "Bill" Perrin (left) of Stevensville has been named the 2009 Montana American Legion Firefighter of the Year. The award not only acknowledges his many accomplishments during his career as a volunteer fireman but also takes into account his extensive community service and involvement. The award was presented by Department Commander Jack Mitchell at the Montana American Legion Convention on June 26.

Commissioners to make decision on airport improvements

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners have scheduled a meeting on Monday, July 20 at 10 a.m. at the Commissioners’ office to discuss and possibly make a decision concerning the four options being considered for improvements at the Ravalli County Airport. More...


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