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Volume XXIV, Number 48

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fishermen convicted of trespassing

Fishermen in Mitchell Slough being videotaped

By Michael Howell

Two brothers, one who lives in Stevensville and the other in Victor, were recently convicted of trespassing after being videotaped fishing in the Union Ditch. The two were also cited for trespassing for walking on the banks of Mitchell Slough as they fished. Although the men pleaded guilty to both charges in Ravalli Justice Court before Judge Jim Bailey last Wednesday, the charges of trespassing on the banks of the slough were dismissed “in the interests of justice and at the request of FWP.” However, the two men, Scott and Patrick Godown, were fined $185 each for trespassing into the Union Ditch. Ten-day jail sentences were suspended but the two were placed on six months probation. More...

Liz Agosto, Autumn O'Brien and Aaron Curtis are heading across the U.S. on a roadtrip to interview people who are "living their dreams" for a PBS series. Michael Howell photo.

Road trip! Stevensville friends take off on national road trip

By Michael Howell

It all started with four friends and one dilemma: "what do I want to do with my life?" Fresh out of college and unsure about the career paths in front of them, they were determined to expose themselves to more than just the traditional life roads. They hopped in an old RV, painted it green, and hit the road to talk with inspiring people from all walks of life to find out how they came to do what they love for a living. According to its website, this was the origin of Roadtrip Nation. More...

Vet center mill levy to go to vote

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners agreed on Monday to place a one mill levy on the next election ballot, in June 2010, to support the Valley Veterans Service Center.

The Valley Veterans Service Center is a local volunteer organization dedicated to seeing that the valley’s veterans receive the care and benefits due them following their valued service in the armed forces. More...

Valley Veterans Service Center employee Rob Embree has contacted more than 600 veterans in need of assistance since he took the job in March. Although equipped with video conferencing capabilities to facilitate communications with veteran affairs agencies, the current office is so small that people must leave the office for the conferencing to take place in private as it must. More office space is only one thing on the wish list if valley residents agree to fund the center with a one mill levy. Michael Howell photo.

Open house set for subdivision regs

The Ravalli County Planning Department will host a second public open house on its subdivision regulation revision project on July 6.

On June 13, 2009, the Planning Department hosted a public open house aimed at gathering public comment on the subdivision regulation revision project. Approximately 40 people attended the event and provided comments on everything from how to improve the subdivision review process to what types of developments should install pedestrian facilities. More...

Barb Mayfield, from The Mind's Eye, custom machine quilting, gave a hands-on demonstration to interested visitors at this year's Quilt Show 2009, sponsored by the Bitterroot Quilters Guild. Visitors to the Quilt Show 2009 at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds last weekend walked through a maze of spectacularly beautiful quilts made by local artists. The show, entitled "The Gems of the Bitterroot," featured over 400 quilts. Michael Howell photo.

Shirley Wheat was the featured quilt artist at the Bitterroot Quilters' Guild 2009 Quilt Show. She not only makes quilts but she also makes dolls, teddy bears and quilted art. "I love cooking and gardening," said Wheat, "but my first love has always been sewing." Wheat loves to try different techniques and takes classes when she can. "I have sold a few of my quilts," she said, "but it is always difficult for me to part with them." Michael Howell photo.


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