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Volume XXV, Number 50

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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New tools tackle old problem

By Michael Howell

The “problem” is on Bitterroot National Forest lands. In a nutshell it involves serious soil compaction and overstocked rows of trees along 13,000 acres of ground that was clearcut, bulldozed into terraces and replanted in long straight rows in the late 1960’s. More...

Enhanced Forest Management Inc.’s state of the art “grapple rake subsoiler” and “masticator” combination is being used to break up compacted soils and thin tree stands on terraced mountain slopes at the Swift Current Project up the East Fork. Michael Howell photo.

BNF Soil Scientist Cole Mayn explains the virtues of the “grapple rake subsoiler,” as Forest Silviculturist Lee Mcalpine (in the background) and machine operator Dyrk Krueger from Enhanced Forest Management, Inc. look on. Michael Howell photo.

The circular mulcher, pressed down on the tree from above, reduces the tree to a cloud of fine mulch in a matter of minutes. Michael Howell photo.

Health Board makes subdivision regulation recommendations

By Michael Howell

About a year ago, the Ravalli County Board of Health made several recommendations for changes in the county’s subdivision regulations related to public health and safety issues. They recently told County Planner John Lavey that they would like to see these recommendations included in the current changes being proposed to the regulations. Although some of the recommendations are already covered in state law, the Board notes that “we believe that it is proper and justified to restate and emphasize these items in the subdivision regulations because a significant portion of our County population will likely live in a County approved subdivision in the future… If these recommendations are deemed not appropriate as regulations, they should at least be included as Board of Health covenants or notifications for all subdivisions.” More...

County Health Board responds to mold complaint

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Board of Health decided at a meeting on Wednesday, July 14 that the owner of apartment buildings at 512 5th Street in Stevensville, Steve Weber, had done everything reasonably required to remedy a complaint from a former tenant, Tina Hall, concerning the presence of mold in her apartment. That there appeared to be mold in the same apartment again was a different issue, the Board determined. The Board advised the current residents of the apartment, Kassidy and Shelby Munson, to work with Weber and Cardinal Properties to remedy the mold problem. If things weren’t remedied to their satisfaction they could then file a complaint with the Health Board at that time. More...

Stevi council intends to hike water rates

The Stevensville Town Council, at its July 12 meeting, passed a Resolution of Intent to Increase Water Rates and switch to a monthly billing process. The move came as no surprise. Both sewer and water rates were slated for increases following an analysis of the rates conducted last year. More...

Mullan appointed to Stevi Council

“I saw an opening and wanted to do some civic duty. It’s a responsibility of citizens to serve,” said Dan Mullan, newly appointed member of the Stevensville Town Council from Ward 2. Mullan will serve out the remainder of the term left open following the recent resignation of Clayton Floyd. Mullan’s term will expire December 31, 2011. More...

Mayor comes through for kids

When the Stevensville Town Council last month approved awarding one time free entrance passes to the pool for the entire Stevensville Elementary School second grade class for helping with the community fundraising for the pool by sponsoring a bake sale, council members were uncertain whether Lone Rock students had participated as well. More...

Fire safety training

A unique event is being planned by the Painted Rocks and West Fork FireSafe Council, a part of the FireSafe Montana organization. The Council is sponsoring the 3rd Annual Resident Fire Training at the Painted Rocks Fire Station, 9564 West Fork Road, on August 7, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is free and includes lunch. The training focuses on preparing your home and understanding the importance of early evacuation. The unique part of this year’s training will be a Staff Ride entitled “One-Third Mile to Safety,” which is being filmed for a documentary video by Ian Marquand. More...


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