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Volume XXIII, Number 48

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Effects of Fires of 2000 assessed

By Michael Howell

Bitterroot National Forest Supervisor Dave Bull and a team of Forest Service specialists joined members of the Ravalli County Resource Advisory Committee last week on a trip up Cow Creek for an on-the-ground assessment of the effects of the Blodgett Creek Fire that came roaring out of Blodgett Canyon in the year 2000. More...

Fires do not destroy animal habitat so much as change it. Some species of birds, in fact, only inhabit recently burned areas. The standing dead trees, such as the ones pictured here, provide the perfect habitat for many kinds of birds, especially woodpeckers. Lewis' woodpeckers show a preference for snags that have broken tops, probably due to increased rot from rain water collecting in the tip, and the subsequent increased insect activitiy of bugs like the wood boring beetles, a staple for some bug-devouring woodpeckers. Michael Howell photo.

These mountain sheep were seen grazing on the edge of the burned area up Cow Creek. Opening up of the forest canopy following a fire leads to a surge in the growth of shrubs and grasses that attracts not only large grazing animals to the burned area but also many insects and the birds that feed upon them. Michael Howell photo.

Planning staff recommends zoning deadline extension

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Planning Department made a recommendation to the County Commissioners last Monday to extend the deadline for adopting new countywide zoning regulations to sometime in May 2009. The current schedule calls for adoption of new zoning regulations in November, 2008, when the current Interim Zoning regulations are set to expire. More...

County Attorney answers questions about zoning

By Michael Howell

On June 27, County Attorney George Corn answered a few questions posed by the Planning Department, Clarion Associates, the Clerk and Recorder’s Office, and the County Commissioners about the countywide zoning process. More...

Permanent closure of Middle Bear Creek Road not likely

By Michael Howell

The County Commissioners entertained a discussion about the possible permanent closure of Middle Bear Creek Road last Monday, but, given the stiff opposition from many area residents who turned out for the meeting and the strong recommendation by county Road and Bridge Department Supervisor David Ohnstad against any permanent closure, a successful formal petition to close the road does not seem likely to succeed. More...

Juvenile Detention needs licensed medication administrator

By Michael Howell

Ravalli County Commissioners received notice once again that the county needs to provide a licensed health worker to administer medication to all youth in the detention facility. The message came this time from Calvin Robinson, Director of the Juvenile Detention Facility. More...

Stevi swimming pool open

By Michael Howell

With temperatures forecast to hit the 97 degree mark Friday and the river still too swollen, rapid and cold to jump into, a lot of people will be happy to know that the Stevensville swimming pool is open for business. Especially the 75 kids that have registered for swimming lessons. More...


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