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Volume XX, Number 49

Wednesday, July 7, 2005

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K-Mart shouldn't get tax break

Creamery Picnic parade August 6

FOR SALE BY OWNER - 3600 sq. ft. custom cedar home on 9 wooded acres.

Bucs take Belgrade tourney

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Historic Daly Mansion is undergoing a major interior renovation project. Michael Howell photo.

Daly Mansion undergoing renovations

By Michael Howell

While remaining relatively unchanged on its exterior, the Daly Mansion, a landmark tourist destination in the valley located north of Hamilton on the Eastside Highway, is undergoing significant changes on the inside. The former home of Copper King Marcus Daly was purchased by the state from the Daly heirs to be preserved as a historical monument, and now the Daly Mansion Board of Directors has launched an ambitious renovation project involving the entire first floor and the sitting room at the top of the stairs on the second floor. More...

Famous Alta Pine determined to be liability

By Michael Howell

It was old when Columbus discovered America. It was over 800 years old when it was struck by lightning and killed a few years ago. It was one of the largest pines in the state of Montana. It is called the Alta Pine and is located down a short path from the West Fork Road. Famous for its size and age, the Alta Pine has been a beacon for tree lovers who visit the Bitterroot. But the U.S. Forest Service, which once championed the tree as a destination tourist point in the Bitterroot Forest, has decided that the old, dead tree now presents a threat to the visiting public and is busy seeing to it that all signs of "invitation" to visit the tree, once erected by the USFS, are obliterated. More...

Changes recommended for Creekside Meadows

By Michael Howell

The Stevensville Board of Adjustments approved a change in the order of phases in the Creekside Meadows development on the east side of town at its June 27 meeting. The developer asked the Board to allow him to change his order of development and move what was originally described as the fifth and last phase of development forward to be the second phase in the subdivision. More...

Creekside Meadows changes approved

By Michael Howell

At the June 27 Stevensville Town Council meeting, the council denied a building permit to a new lot owner in the Creekside Meadows subdivision but approved a change in the order of development phases. More...

Celebration turns tragic

By Michael Howell

A 22-year-old Lake County man was killed in a pyrotechnic accident following the 4th of July fireworks display held at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds. More...


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