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Volume XXIV, Number 54

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kootenai Creek Fire Update

"Celebrating Community" was the theme of this year's Creamery Picnic. Bitterroot Valley Greenwings Chapter of Ducks Unlimited - Overall winner of the Creamery Picnic Grand Parade. Ducks Unlimited will hold a special Greenwings event for valley youth on August 29 at the Teller Refuge, where young people will learn about many aspects of the outdoors and hunting, including hunting ethics, bird identification, dog training, decoy set-up, calling, firearm safety, and much more. There will also be a duck art contest.

"Each little hand works together to build a community" - the next generation, Overall winner of the Creamery Picnic Kiddie Parade. Children pictured are (back row left to right): Wealthy Benefactress Malorie Robbins; News Reporter Hallie Holyoak; Doctor Rheanna Riley; (standing middle row left to right): Builder Zach Liechtig; Banker Kellen Robbins; Boy Scout; Farmer James Joost; (seated left to right): Fireman Lane Cochran; Sheriff Clayton Cochran. Michael Howell photos.

Planning Board president resigns

By Michael Howell

President of the Ravalli County Planning Board, Lee Kierig, resigned last week with a flourish.

“I have come forward with a deep abiding passion for the condition of how we might move forward with dignity, unity and thoughtful purpose toward establishing a Vital Plan for our community and all its future generations,” wrote Kierig in an e-mail.


Health care legislation rally held

By Michael Howell

The Change That Works Campaign organized by the Service Employees International Union brought the issue of proposed health care legislation to Hamilton last week as part of a 23 city and town tour of the state. More...

Chris Stoehr, from Miles City, gave a testimonial for the need for health care reform at a meeting organized by the Service Employees International Union in Hamilton last week as part of a statewide Change that Works Campaign. Stoehr described how she and her husband had been forced into bankruptcy by medical bills even though they had medical insurance for years.

“The best laid plans can be torn asunder by forces outside our control,” Stoehr told the forty people gathered at the Hamilton Public Library last week. She urged change in the health care system.

River Park changes voted down

Proposed changes to the city’s Park Management Plan for River Park were rejected at last week’s Hamilton City Council meeting. More...

City asked to join canal bridge access lawsuit

By Michael Howell

Hamilton resident John Boland was at the last Hamilton City Council meeting. He was at the one before that, too. And he promises to be at the next one. He wants the City of Hamilton to join in a lawsuit he has filed against the Corvallis Canal and Water Company over a bridge and headgate on a canal that runs through city property near the waste water treatment plant along Adirondac Street. He wants the City to declare whether the property along the river behind the sewer plant is open to the public or not. He claims that the City owns the property and that the canal company only has an easement. He claims that the public has been using the bridge to access the property for years but are now trespassing since the canal company has closed the bridge and denied access to local property owners. More...

County denies Stevi request for funding

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners balked at a request from the town of Stevensville for the county to pay half the cost of the town’s application for grants to do water system repairs along Middle Burnt Fork Road. More...


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