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Volume XXIII, Number 2

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

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Volunteers work on Continental Divide Trail

By Michael Howell

Continental Divide Trail Alliance volunteers worked in collaboration with the Bitterroot National Forest to complete a trail maintenance project covering 26 miles of the Continental Divide Trail. They started at Chief Joseph Pass and ended close to the head of Hell Roaring Creek. Nick Hazelbaker, Wilderness Resource Specialist for the Bitterroot National Forest, organized the project, which was scheduled from August 8-15. Mark Lagerstrom, Forest Service crew leader, and Amanda Laban, CDTA crew leader, supervised and worked with the volunteers. Hazelbaker and Bitter Root Back Country Horsemen provided pack support by packing in materials and tools and transporting supplies and crew gear. Unfortunately, the crew was pulled out on Saturday, August 11, because forest fires, though not close enough to endanger the crew, caused the Forest Service to restrict use of roads in the area to firefighters only. More...

Nick Hazelbaker, Wilderness Resource Specialist, unsaddles West Fork Ranger District mules after a day of packing for the CDTA trail project. Karen Philips photos.

Volunteers Henry McElreath (AL), Richard Lowry (ID), Hank Taylor (CO), Jim Huckins (MT), CDTA trail crew coordinator Amanda Laban, and Forest Service crew leader Mark Lagerstrom worked on the CDTA project in the Bitterroot National Forest.

Bitter Root Back Country Horsemen members relax after a day of packing for the CDTA trail project. Pictured are Ron Raffenspereger, Mike Jorgensen, John Pearson, chuck Miller, and Bill Coward (left to right).

Commissioners will not challenge Board of Adjustments' decision

By Michael Howell

On Friday, August 10 the Ravalli County Commissioners decided for a second time not to challenge a recent decision by the Board of Adjustments to grant a variance to the Brooks Hotel subdivision proposal. The BOA decided on July 17 to grant a variance request to Russ Hunt to construct 14 condominiums on less than 3.35 acres near Corvallis. That variance would allow Hunt to skirt the Interim Zoning Regulation that limits the density of new development to one dwelling per two acres. More...

County seeks reimbursement for alleged evasion of subdivision law

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners decided last Thursday, August 9, to send a letter to Terry Nelson demanding reimbursement to the county to meet the costs of mitigation that might have been collected through the subdivision review process if Nelson had not evaded that process. Nelson has been accused by neighbors of evading the subdivision law by creating a 7-lot subdivision off of Airport Road northeast of Stevensville through abuse of the Family Transfer process. More...

Notaro rehired as Stevi High School principal

By Michael Howell

Jim Notaro has been re-hired as Stevensville High School principal for the coming school year. Following the recommendation of then school district superintendent Dennis Kimzey last spring, the Stevensville School Board decided not to re-hire Notaro and advertised the position looking for a new recruit. Following a more recent closed door session on the issue involving the new superintendent Kent Kultgen, however, it was agreed to offer the job once again to Notaro. Notaro accepted the offer and has already begun work as of last week. More...

County holds zoning informational meetings

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Planning Department sponsored two public informational meetings recently to kickoff its efforts at formulating and adopting countywide zoning regulations. One was held at Lone Rock School and one at Hamilton City Hall. Both featured a presentation on population growth and trends in Ravalli County by Dr. Larry Swanson of the O'Connor Center for the Rocky Mountain West. More...

New superintendent at Stevi

By Michael Howell

Kent Kultgen, new Superintendent of the Stevensville School District, recently moved here from Choteau, Montana, with his wife, Lyla. They have three children. The oldest is married and is a graduate student at Montana State University in Bozeman. Their two younger boys will be attending Stevensville schools, one a junior in High School, the other in the sixth grade. More...


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