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Volume XXV, Number 52

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Commissioners to videotape proceedings

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners decided last week to start videotaping their proceedings. The idea was proposed by Commissioner Kathleen Driscoll. Driscoll said she believed it was a good idea for the county to get up to speed in the digital age. She said the idea came to her after viewing a videotape of a meeting made by a citizen. She said that the video was edited to present a version of events favorable to the person but not accurately reflecting the real context of the remarks. More...

County museum looking for funds

By Michael Howell

Last week the Ravalli County Commissioners agreed to send letters in support of the Ravalli County Museum’s latest effort at seeking grant funds for infrastructure and program improvements. The Museum is seeking $50,000 from the state’s Tourism Infrastructure Improvement Program for a roofing project, and another $15,000 from the Montana Arts Council for program development. The Museum will also be working with the Bitterroot Heritage and Aesthetic Trust in applying for a $10,000 grant for a collaborative travel plan that would map a route through the county that would highlight several tourist destination sites. More...

Ravalli County Museum Director Tamara Stanley is on a campaign to re-energize and re-vitalize the museum. As part of the latest efforts at revitalization she has retired the old sign on the museum lawn with the old plow (leaning against the wall in the background) with a new sculpture of a bucking horse. The wooden sculpture was carved by local artisan Lisa Foster. Michael Howell photo.

Every item of cowboy life imaginable is on display from branding irons, to chaps, to saddles and lariats; from bits and spurs, to barbed wire and six shooters.

County to do title search of Darby property

By Michael Howell

The Ravalli County Commissioners have decided to do a title search on a 40-acre piece of property near the Town of Darby to see who owns it. The property was once owned by the Darby Lumber Company and is a hazardous waste site. The land is contaminated with dioxin from a railroad tie treatment process conducted at the site as well as pentachlorophenol, a chemical used to make timbers water resistant. Both are toxic chemicals and the site has been identified by the state and federal government as a hazardous waste Superfund site. More...

Council backtracks on vendor fees for Creamery Picnic

In a stunning reversal, at the instigation of Councilor Robin Holcomb, the Stevensville Town Council rescinded a decision made at the last meeting to charge the Civic Club a flat fee of $1,500 for vendors. More...

Stevi council deals with engineers

The Stevensville Town Council’s agenda for Monday, July 26, was front end loaded with engineers. Up to its neck in dual water and sewer improvement projects, five out of the seven pieces of the town’s unfinished business were engineering issues. More...

Town seeks easement for water line improvements

The Town of Stevensville is seeking five easement agreements in connection with its latest water system improvement project. One of those easements, across property owned by Harold and Mary Jane Rice, was discussed at the last council meeting. The Rices, who were in attendance, told the council that they were willing to entertain the proposition of granting an easement across their property in exchange for certain considerations. More...

Robaks ordered to pay over $116,000 in sanctions

Ravalli County District Court Judge James Haynes has ordered Tom and Charlotte Robak to pay $116,458.80 in costs related to the investigation and uncovering of the couple’s violation of the county’s floodplain regulations and their subsequent misrepresentations to the court concerning the facts of the matter, in their ongoing litigation against Ravalli County over its enforcement of the floodplain regulations on their property. More...

Dominic Point Fire restrictions lifted

With the Dominic Point fire 90% contained, on Monday morning Bitterroot National Forest Supervisor Julie King signed an order rescinding the closure area around the fire. Since last Sunday, Willow Mountain Road has been closed to the public along with areas around Dominic Point approximately 4 miles north, 2 miles south, 5 miles east and 1 mile west. A temporary flight restriction over the area has also been lifted. More...


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