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Volume XXIV, Number 8

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Land Stewards of the Year

Virginia Brown and Jan Miller of the Brown Family Ranch

By Michael Howell

Virginia Brown and her daughter Jan Miller were recognized last Saturday at a luncheon in Stevensville as recipients of Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks “Land Steward of the Year” award. The award comes in recognition of the outstanding work they have done in recent years in protecting and enhancing wildlife habitat on their ranch northeast of Stevensville, and for the “forty-two years of conservation” before that. More...

Virginia Brown and her daughter Jan Miller (center), of the Brown Valley Ranch, are recipients of the “Land Steward of the Year” award presented by the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks. They are joined in the photo by Virginia’s daughter Sue Brown (right). Her other children, Doug and Lindsey (the twins), were not in attendance. Michael Howell photo.

Fraud under the Big Sky

State Auditor John Morrison takes cautionary film on the road

By Michael Howell

State Auditor John Morrison has hit the road with a film showcasing two of the top fraud cases in the state as models of what can happen when fraud slips its ugly foot inside the door of unsuspecting investors. Morrison is showing the film, titled “Fraud Under the Big Sky,” in twenty-four cities throughout the state. His message is not only a warning about what can happen, in terms of investment fraud, but what can be done to prevent it from happening in the first place. More...

State Auditor John Morrison cautions Stevensville seniors about the dangers of fraudulent investment schemes. Michael Howell photo.

Commissioners slash county budget

By Michael Howell

In the county’s budget for fiscal year 2009, the Ravalli County Commissioners cut every individual department’s budget by 11.5 percent from the preceding year’s actual expenditures. They did this despite the fact that department heads had weighed in with a total of $2.2 million in budget increase requests. Department heads were informed of the decision at a meeting on Wednesday, September 17. More...

Steele appointed Hamilton Mayor

By Michael Howell

Councilor Jerry Steele, who has been acting as Mayor of Hamilton following the resignation of former Mayor Jessica Randazzo on September 2, has now been officially appointed to serve out the reminder of Randazzo’s term which will end on December 31, 2009. The Council also approved paying Steele for his service as Acting Mayor. More...

FlatIron annexation meeting cancelled

The meetings scheduled for September 18th and 23rd by the Hamilton City Council to consider annexation of the FlatIron development were cancelled due to improper public notice. According to City Planner Dennis Stranger, the public notice published advertising the meetings contained an error in the legal description of the property which invalidates the notice. More...

Human remains identified

The human remains found west of Conner on Saturday, September 13 by a hunter have been positively identified as those of 57-year-old Conner resident Bob Leavens. More...

Commissioner candidate debates scheduled

The four candidates for Ravalli County Commissioner will debate on Tuesday, September 30 at 7 p.m. at St. Mary’s Family Center in Stevensville. More...


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